Electric Scissor Lift 

An electric scissor lift is a vertical aerial lift with distinctive elevating mechanisms. Electric scissor lifts are a type of scissor lift predominantly meant for indoor use. Like their counterparts, rough-terrain scissor lifts, an electric scissor lift’s aerial work platform has the same dimensions as its base. A unique raising mechanism made of crisscrossing metal supports connects the two elements. This intricate system looks much like sets of interlocking scissors, which is where the electric scissor lift gets its name.

Electric scissor lifts have relatively large aerial work platforms which can hold people and their equipment. Guardrails surround these platforms to enhance the lift’s safety credentials. While their aerial work platforms are larger than many lifts, electric scissor lifts are smaller than rough-terrain lifts.

Electric scissor lifts raise people and their equipment straight up. They can’t move forward or backward as boom lifts do, so users must position the base directly underneath the higher work area. Most electric scissor lifts have a range of 20 to 40 feet. However, the range could be as little as 10 feet or as much as 60 feet, depending on the model.

The Best Jobs for Electric Scissor Lifts

Electric scissor lifts are relatively stable, so their aerial work platforms are usually used as a work surface similar to a scaffold. Some of the jobs that electric scissor lifts make easier include the following:

  • Reaching stock on the top shelves in warehouses or stock rooms
  • Painting ceilings and high walls
  • Changing lights or performing maintenance work on lighting systems
  • Changing point-of-sale signs around a store
  • Cleaning high windows

You could use an electric scissor lift for any indoor job you might usually use a ladder or scaffold to accomplish, especially if it has non-marking tires. Most models are not made for indoor and outdoor use. If you want a scissor lift for indoor and outdoor jobs, consider a rough-terrain scissor lift.